Flogr – A Flickr powered photoblog


Flogr shows your pictures from flickr in a customizable photo portfolio interface which includes a main photo page with EXIF details, geo data, and flickr user comments, a customizable thumbnails page of your recent work, a slideshow component to browse through thumbnails, a tag cloud page, and an about page that shows your flickr user profile. With flogr you can control which photos are shown by specifying the flickr tag(s) to include so you can show only your best photographs if you choose.

Flogr is powered by PHP, MySQL (optional), and Flickr. It is an easy to setup and easy to customize alternative for folks that currently hack their own photoblog using MT or WordPress, or those trying to make Gallery or Pixelpost work with Flickr. If you use Flickr and want to have your own photoblog, but don’t want to hack blog software or upload the same pictures multiple times (to flickr and pixelpost for example) then Flogr may be what you’re after.



  • Customizable photoblog interface for your flickr photos
  • Photo details overlay displays description, EXIF data, tags, geo data, and comments
  • Thumbnail viewer displays photos by date taken, photoset, and tag
  • Slimbox photo slideshow
  • Flickr tag cloud page
  • Flickr groups support
  • RSS 2.0 support



  • PHP version 4 or >
  • MySQL (optional)


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